:transdisciplinary platformative farm focused on the translation of research postponed practices and the development of voluntary experimentation in the grids of social, artistic and theoretical fibres: sa a plug-in domain +

The activity of the platform and the constitution of the magazine is based on the principle of import - export for the translation of articles (bilingual Serbian-English) as well as on active research and testing of the possibility of applying scientific-corporate methods of swarm intelligence. In particular, the plug-in characteristic of the flexibility of this platform is designed and postulated as doubly connectable to other platforms.



where is the contex? a meta-performativity should come in place, an activist practice instead of art as predominantly configured. one falls into a strange narration. a tireless worker in a block-chain totality, a figure of hydra, which by cutting its head makes another copy, we withstand one new pastiche world, if necro-management takes over the landscape, we can consider ourselves ‘absolutely fucked’ today is without end and now is less now

* platform_journal from RS, sampling its contributions for the first pilot. Export_Import translation module (bilingual) based on SI. * editorial _ visual-ident design _ interdisciplinary ***
*  plug-in development

editor: darko vukić @swarmzineswarmnal@gmail.com