but how much more pleasant was the sensation of being a missile without provenance of target, caught up in a tumult of non-newtonian motion. so pleasant that pleasant was not the word. beckett  the kill-chain can be thought of as a dispersed and distributed apparatus, a congeries of actors, objects, practices, discourses and affects, that entrains the people who are made part of it and constitutes them as particular kinds of subjects d.gregory

toward a thoughtful dissemination. His utter challenge and concentration into a post 2000 artsworld and it's linking with politics followed not just of the academic sense of Identity and cultural critiques but moreover went into a new exploratory realms. This led us to productive dialogues and his intrinsic discoveries. There is an array of subjects and art personalities present in mr Vukić projects as well as into 'Preserved world' that holds different meanings: from alchemical procedures, History of Western canon in arts and even revolutionary moves such as James Lee Byars towards dystopian aftermaths of cultural studies and all kinds of social and scientific theories of our age.These stances were constructed inside language and parallels within his artworks and theoretical allusions. This has been proved with brilliant heights and speculative processes, both in the matter of the themes as well as to the techniques of his works , their dimensions and material layouts. Darko Vukic describes his aesthetic aims with categories that are becoming a pun for physicalities and absurd cruelties of post industrial and progressive world. They can be followed within notions of a new critique of tradition of societal estrangement with contemporary issues of atrocity, trauma as well as historical and political meanings he attempts to address and contain within his proposals: catastrophe, elimination, and annihilation all of them opening up in the layering of global post-information society, often with linguistic overturns, humour and personal bravery.